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Image by Dylan Gillis


We primarily work by combining the principles of ‘Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategies’


The process followed is:


1.  Meeting with the organisation to understand the requirements and understand the deliverables.

2.  Assess the ground situation by interacting with Stake holders.

3.  Work out a proposal, using some out of the box solutions and fortification of existing processes.

4.  Discuss with the Organisation and finalise the final expected outcome and decide a core team to interact and work with.

4.  Workout the milestones, measurement matrices, modus operandi and time frame for various activities.

5.  Implement the actions ensuring active involvement of the Core team Members and conduct monitoring of the progress, in a structured manner.

6.  Periodically review the progress vis-à-vis the original plan and carry out necessary course correction.

7.  Record and report progress periodically to the Owner of the Project.

8.       Prepare a final report detailing the processes, milestones and results based on pre-selected measurement matrices.

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